Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Meta Search: Internet Search Engine Directory

The search engine is a tool which provides the information required by the user. Search engine fetches the webpages which contains the information searched by the user. First of all search engine crawl a webpage and then index it according to the information it contain. For indexing any web page search engine use title, headings, and some special fields like Meta tags of the webpage. Sometimes a search engine uses some description of a webpage also to index that page. And after indexing search engine put this data into a database which is maintain by the search engine for entry of index pages.

There are many search engines available on the web today. The entire search engines have many different things like its technique to search a keyword. All the search engines have some special things. Some search engine fully dependent on Meta tags, which we called Meta Search Engine. Only some of them are Best Meta Search Engine. All the search engines use different techniques to search a keyword enter by the user. And these techniques are changing continuously as the time over. So search engine also changes the searching technique as the time over.

There are many different techniques used by the search engines for search any keyword. Some search engine also mines data available in newsgroups, database or open directories. Unlike the directories which is maintained by human editors, search engine use algorithmically or user input.

When a user put a query for search then search engine goes to the index table and then displays the data according with best matches. And also displays a short summary along with the result. Most search engines support the Boolean term NOT, AND, OR etc. into the query for filter the result. An advanced feature include a search engine is proximity search, which allow to user to define distance between keywords.

Most web search engines supports advertising revenue program also, through which we get two facilities. Through one we can become a publisher and through second facility we become advertiser. So if we want to promote our website then we can put our website link on other website through advertiser program and through the publisher program we can get revenue.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Searchspry is a Best Meta Search engine

A search engine is a tool which is design to search any information on the web. When you search any word on any search engine then search engine displays the results in the form of list. The information may consist of webpage, image or any other type of files. On a search engine most search queries are relatively simple. Some search engine also sees data into the database or opens directories. Search engines works algorithmically or are work with mixture of algorithmic and human input.

There are many search engines available on the web like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Search Spry, Baidu, MSN, etc. Any search engine works on following order.

1. Web Crawling

2. Indexing

3. Searching

Search Engine works by search the webpages on web itself and stores it. These webpages are searching through a web crawler. Web Crawler is also known as Spider. Web Crawler is an automated web browser which follows every link which it sees. Then content of each web page is analyzed for determine that how index this page. The content analyzed through its heading, title, and special fields such as Meta tags. Then data about webpages are stored in an indexed database, which is used in later queries. Some search engines, like Google, stores part of the source page as well as information about the web pages, whereas others search engine like AltaVista, store every word of every page they were find. It can be very useful when the content of the current page has been updated that this pages always holds the actual search text since it is the one that was actually indexed, so when the content of the current page has been updated it can be very useful.

There could be a problem that it is not necessary that search engine crawl daily our webpages then in that case if we change the information on the webpages still search engine displays result list according to the old information it stored.

When a user enters a word want to search into a search engine, the engine analyzes its index and provides a list of web pages which is best-matching to the word according to its criteria. Normally it also provides a short summary containing the webpage's title, headline and sometimes parts of the text.

Success of a search engine is based upon the relevance of the result set it gives back. While there may be millions of webpages having same keyword, some webpages may be more popular, more relevant than others. Which pages are the best matches, how a search engine decides, and what should be the order to display results to shown? It varies widely from one search engine to another. Over time the methods also change as internet usage changes and new techniques evolve.